Designing a tranquil garden with designated zones

How we approach a garden design is very much based on a client’s vision, dream and requirements. We listen and then combine our years of experience to create a garden design that turns their dreams into reality. Some of our clients want a garden to be completely tranquil and have dedicated areas for dining, lounging, quiet contemplation, and entertaining.


Here is how we approach a garden design that has a tranquil feel and designated zones;



We unite garden and home. The garden is designed the same way, you would design the floor plan for your home. We help tease out with the client how they want to live and entertain in their new garden, and be ensure that their pathways, terraces, and furniture layouts reflect this.



We work on the premise that less is more. We feel limit garden decoration and accessorizing and focusing more on architectural elements such as arbors, stairs, and walls to unify the house with the garden is best. We tend to limit the amount of plant varieties, and plant in large textural drifts to help focus the eye. We also prefer to choose plants that require minimal pruning and watering.



We design based on how our clients like to entertain. We take into account possible dining and conversation areas that accommodate how you live.



We combining hardscape and planting choices together. For hardscape and planting choices, it is important to reflect your home’s architecture and the area you live in. It doesn’t have to be strictly native, but use local materials when possible for a regional aesthetic (and to lighten your carbon footprint).



We encourage exploration and discovery. We conveniently place key features such as ponds or seating and also include destinations like a bench or gazebo farther out that serve as destinations and surprises.



We are committed to building beautiful gardens that improve peoples lives. If you would like to talk to us about how we could create your dream garden, please contact us here


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