Meet Declan – Garden designer at Outlook Gardens

What does your role at Outlook Gardens involve?

Initial concepts

Detailed drawings

Planting Plans

Bill of quantities

Project management

Liaising with client


What is your favourite garden design feature or what are you known for?

My favourite design feature is a focal point within your garden. This can be a sculpture, Pavilion or a gate leading to a secret garden. Something that draws the eye and makes you want to explore the space further.


Who is your garden design hero or inspiration?

Difficult question as I follow so many brilliant landscape designers but my top three favourites at the moment are Luciano Giubbilei, Ann- Marie Powell and Andy Sturgeon. I also take great inspiration from Irish designer Paul Martin, Paul lives quite close to my home in Monaghan in neighbouring county Louth. He has designed gardens for the biggest shows in the world and I hope someday I can do the same.


Do you prefer contemporary or traditional design and why?

I would say me personally I would prefer contemporary design and the reason for this is because it is ever evolving and this excites me. I love how different trends are set, Like the colour palettes we use in our gardens usually are set from the Fashion runways in Paris and Milan.

This said when designing Gardens for clients I feel you have to be impartial as each client is different and each garden/landscapes lends itself to a particular style.


Whats the favourite thing about your job at Outlook Gardens?

I love presenting designs to our clients and seeing our reaction to what we have come up with. I have emotional connection to every design which I feel is important to meet the brief and to deliver a design that is bespoke to the client. The fact that a lot of presentation are done now via Zoom and Teams takes away the personal touch but hopefully this won’t be for much longer, but for now we have to mindful of Clients health and do our bit to help.

Whats the Best thing about working for Outlook Gardens?

Outlook Gardens is a very forward thinking company which I’m very lucky to be apart off. Our Managing Director Dermot Kerins has a wealth of knowledge in our industry and I enjoy learning/developing from him. We work on a lot of exciting projects and it’s amazing watching projects develop from initial design to finished garden and clients enjoying them.


Describe Outlook Gardens in 3 words?

Passionate, Driven and Focused


What do you like doing when you’re not working?

Spending time with family and friends

Working in my own garden

Watching series and filming’s on Netflix


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