Lush Family Garden in West Dublin

Lush Family Garden in West Dublin

The Client’s vision

Our residential client had a vision for a lush family garden on their 1 acre site that could facilitate both play elements for their kids but at the same time be an outdoor space for entertaining.

Our Solution

At the outset, we produced a comprehensive design to include all elements required together with a detailed planting plan that could create privacy, shelter & interest. As part of the design, we also outlined ample car parking with a natural stone edge and a permeable surface of Ballylusk dust (hogging / Breedon Gravel). The garden itself resulted to an outdoor living space that comprised of large open with interconnecting foot paths, rooms with evergreen bamboo and English Yew hedging (Taxus Baccata), a fruit & vegetable garden with a hen house and 6 hens as well as a Tree house with a children’s play area.


The client was overwhelmed with the result and continue to express their gratitude every time we maintain this garden. Their garden has become a place where the whole can embrace & play in nature.

Specific services provided

  • Full Design service
  • Cross sections and specifications
  • Bill of quantities
  • Project management
  • Hard and soft landscaping
  • Lighting & Irrigation
  • Gate automation
  • Play structures
  • Garden room
  • Fencing and security.
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