Why our speciality in residential garden maintenance is successful for property managers?

Over the last 30 years, Outlook Garden’s have focused on only residential garden maintenance. Our approach not only considers productivity, but also the level of service and horticultural needs of a garden, because it is someones home, as opposed to a public place.

Our approach to maintenance has been successful for many property managers, who have selected Outlook Gardens to manage their property portfolio. Here’s why;

By focusing on just productivity when it comes to garden maintenance, doesn’t always yield the best outcome for Property Managers.

Garden Maintenance between the residential and commercial sectors are extremely different. Industrial garden maintenance providers, who deal more with the likes of motorways, factories, schools and hospitals will largely focus on carrying out the job in a productive fashion. Whilst this is extremely important, this approach alone doesn’t always consider the horticultural needs of a garden, which continuously improves how it looks, so it is always reaching its full potential. The level of service and attention to detail can suffer, and property managers do not end up getting their desired result.

Outlook Gardens are focused on making a garden look good, so that the person responsible for it, looks good too!

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