Ponds and water features in garden design

ponds and water features

Ponds and water features can add character and interest to your garden. Many options are available and your garden designer can incorporate water features that suit your home, your site, your other landscape design elements, and your taste. Movement and sound in ponds and water features The movement of water in ponds and water features … Read more

Top features to consider for garden construction

garden construction features

Consider your “wants” and your “must-haves” when planning your garden construction. Think about the many uses that your outdoor spaces will have. These will undoubtedly include quiet contemplation and outdoor entertaining. You may require safe play areas for children or have pets to cater for. Features that you may wish to consider include:   Pathways  Pathways … Read more

Garden plants that attract butterflies

garden plants for butterflies

When considering the selection of garden plants it is worth considering wildlife. While your garden design might focus on your human users’ needs, the garden ecosystem can support an abundance of wildlife to enjoy.   Garden plants that attract butterflies  Adult butterflies actually drink their food rather than eat it. They rely on plant nectar and … Read more

Summer solstice – a key date on your garden calendar

garden calendar

The summer solstice is here and it is a key day on the garden calendar. In our northern hemisphere, this is the longest day of the year. On this day, our garden plants receive more daylight than on any other day. A tipping point on your garden calendar This day on your garden calendar marks … Read more

Why ornamental grasses should feature in your garden design

ornamental grasses

Ornamental grasses have a place in your garden design and landscape build. Many people focus their attention on flowers and shrubs that add interest to the garden. But, it is worth pausing and considering how the foliage of ornamental grasses can add character, colour and texture in your dream garden. A wide variety of ornamental … Read more

Summer offers on professional garden maintenance

summer maintenance offers

Check out Outlook Gardens’ exciting summer offers. Our qualified horticulturists have the training and experience to help your property reach full potential. If garden maintenance has not been on your radar while juggling many demands then you may be in need of professional garden maintenance services. Summer has arrived and growth has accelerated in the … Read more

Landscape design considerations

landscape design

Landscape design and garden design involve the planning and design of outdoor living spaces. These bring together multiple elements to create enjoyable and functional spaces for outdoor living. There are some key considerations which will help ensure your landscape design and garden build project is a success. Functionality Regular entertainers will make different choices to … Read more

Garden maintenance to make your summer worry-free

garden maintenance

Garden maintenance is very much in focus now that the winter storms have faded. Longer and warmer days are here. Gardens are bursting with life again. Consequently, people are rushing outdoors to enjoy finer weather, outdoor dining, and the serenity of garden spaces. Simple ageing and storm damage Time has brought normal wear and tear. … Read more

Professional garden build services can transform your garden

garden build

A well designed garden, supported by a professional garden build, can create an outdoor space of enjoyment in your home. A qualified and experienced professional horticulturalist is essential in realising your dream garden. Garden build objectives All homes are unique. Your home is a reflection of your tastes and your interests. Additionally, your property will … Read more

Mature hedging, without the wait

mature hedging

Garden privacy can be challenging and while an established hedge is ideal, few want to wait years for their garden project to develop and provide that privacy. An investment now in mature hedging provides you with immediate privacy, security and a sense of completeness in your garden design.  Garden structure Hedging defines boundaries and provides … Read more

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